15mm Polybutylene Barrier Pipe Coil PB 25M Grey

15mm Polybutylene Barrier Pipe Coil PB 25M Grey


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Flexible pipes that enable safe and reliable fitting for hot and cold water systems in a fraction of the time needed for traditional copper systems

Approvals : Meets BS 6920-2014 for use in potable water systems

  • Ultra flexibility means using less fittings than a conventional system
  • Much quieter system than metal piping
  • Hot water pipes are cooler to the touch
  • No scrap metal value
  • Less chance of crushing or impact damage during delivery or installation
  • Reduced condensation on cold pipes & better protection from freezing
  • Makes cabling of pipes in confined spaces and through walls & joists much easier
  • No flame required
  • Compatible with fully demountable installations
  • Long lengths and coils eliminate time consuming joints and weakened connections