ADEY MagnaClean Professional 22mm Magnetic Boiler Filter

ADEY MagnaClean Professional 22mm Magnetic Boiler Filter


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ADEY MagnaClean Professional 22mm Magnetic Boiler Filter

  • 22mm connections with valves included as standard
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Magnetic Filtration system produces instant results

Developed by independent heating specialists ADEY Professional Heating
Solutions, MagnaClean Professional has been specifically designed for
the efficient maintenance of central heating systems.
We live in an age of high efficiency boilers, but for many years, little attention has been
given to the cleanliness of central heating systems. The majority of systems suffer from
black iron oxide contamination. This creates thick sludge deposits which are the result of
corrosion taking place within radiators and other metallic components.
The oxide particles range from very large to sub-micron in size with the latter leaching
into the system water continuously during use. These particles bond to all components
often causing premature failure of pumps and valves. When they contaminate the boiler
heat exchanger and pipework, it results in a dramatic loss of efficiency.
It is widely recognised that even a minimal build-up results in a serious drop in boiler
efficiency. MagnaClean Professional has been carefully designed to remove these particles
from suspension while at the same time allowing a 100% flow rate through the system.
Installation is simple with each isolation valve rotating through 360° and therefore
supporting any number of location options. These valves have been specifically designed
for use with MagnaClean Professional and have high quality seals.
An added advantage for installers is the Pro-Fill air vent built in to the lid. This special
vent incorporates a unique, one-way valve, allowing the installer to inject corrosion
inhibitor chemicals directly into the MagnaClean Professional canister without the need
to isolate any part of the system. Just remove the air vent screw, inject the chemical
and replace the air vent screw. It’s that simple.
Saves up to 6% a year on heating energy bills.
The product is backed by a two year limited warranty.



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