You must ensure that the moves you make will be worthwhile whilst taking expenditure into consideration. Many experts recommend keeping the plumbing where it is which can save large sums of money. however, this is a move that you must personally evaluate. Do you want each piece of furniture in the same place or do you prefer a big change? Bearing in mind that bathroom renovations are usually done as part of the whole house and you don not want to break the bank on one room.

Don’t throw money down the drain


Decide on a bathroom style before you start anything. What do you fancy? Modern? Vintage? Simple? It is important to conclude on a specific style. Then research can be done on appliance styles which can help you know a rough figure of costs.

Considering vintage?


Conclude a layout before you begin. You don’t want to be stuck halfway through. An architect may be a worthy investment. However, this depends on your knowledge base and can differ from person to person. Therefore, this is a decision you must personally assess.

An architect may be a worthy option

Quality is imperative

Research is the No1 method of finding the best appliances and furniture for your bathroom. The last thing you want is splitting wood and rusting taps. This bathroom is to be kept tip top for a long time, and for that, you need the best goods. Don’t fall for the words of a salesperson. Look for honest reviews online which will direct you to quality goods.

Look for alternatives

Don’t always look for the typical methods. Does your toilet really need replacing? Try replacing the toilet seat and lid which can give it a totally new look. Do you really need tiles? Considering the costs of goods and installation, is it really worth it? Why not try for an alternative such as panels.

A beautiful example of bathroom panels